Pantiles Pop-up Continues

CLongley-Old Chestnut

Old Chestnut, Claire Longley

Following two successful weeks showing local artists at a vacant shop in the Pantiles, we have extended to a third week.  A slightly different selection of work: wall, three-dimensional and even wearable art are on offer.

I returned with my pottery today and I feel truly privileged to show amongst such high quality work in textiles, glass, ceramic, print, acrylic, oil.  I don’t wear any jewellery, but even so I spent the afternoon looking at Andy Young’s fascinating settings of stones and minerals.  There really is something for every taste.  Here is the full list of artists currently showing:


Ceramics by Mike Evans

Christine Highland
Anne Molineux
Hildegard Pax
Julie Taylor
Sue Batt
Kate Hasted
Hilary Shields
Claire Longley
Sarah de Mattos
Claire Palastanga
Joanna Plachcinska
Irene Swain
Biddy Hobbs
Fae Cameron
Mike Evans
Andy Young



Glass, Hilary Shields

Many people have come in congratulating us on the quality of the work and saying how wonderful it would be if there was a permanent shop offering this kind of work.  Sadly the economics means that we couldn’t afford to pay staff, and working out a rota between us, each with our busy lives has been one of the challenges.  So take the opportunity whilst it’s there and visit before Sunday 13th Dec.

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2 Responses to Pantiles Pop-up Continues

  1. annemolineux says:

    Thanks Mike  You are a star! Anne

  2. Great as ddnt get a chance to come and see you all.

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