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Mike Evans

Mike EvansCombining form and function to produce interesting and useful ceramics, Mike is currently playing with surface effects redolent of natural textures such as eroded rock, mineral deposits and the patterning of  wood grain.

Biddy Hobbs

BiddyHobbs2015My work is thrown on the potter’s wheel and then carved by hand. I use white stoneware clay and fire to 1200 degrees centigrade. Each piece is unique. Influences include ancient Sung Dynasty Chinese ceramics and the ideas for the  carving are taken from my own abstract drawings done prior to making the work. I use a variety of matt and shiny glazes as well as underglaze colours to emphasize the play of light on the carved surface.

Sarah de Mattos BA hons

SarahDeMattos2015My work is constantly changing and developing as I am working towards my Fine Art Degree. I enjoy a strong graphic element and delight in experimenting with colour and texture. My current work uses mixed media and combines abstract and naturalistic images.
Further examples of my work can be seen at

Hildegard Pax

Hildegard works with the medium of glass, creating compositions of colour and light. The abstract geometrical patterns result in intriguing colour light projections and shadow overlays. Reflected and transmitted colours meet and intermingle, creating an ethereal colour field space within the artwork.

Her work in glass ranges from large architectural glass installations to wall-based artwork and gem-like dichroic glass jewellery.

Shelley Rose

ShelleyRose2015This body of work has emerged from the observation of the quality and character of light and light phenomena, translating these into the medium of colour printing.

The main aspect of my work is the exploration of the dynamic relationship between form and colour. The abstract form recedes, enabling the perception of colours and their relationship to each other, yet revealing a space beyond, a way through.

Julie S Taylor

JulieSTaylorWith a background in theatre design, Julie brings a dramatic response to her interest in the Earth’s surface.

The textures and lines of rock formations inspire her to create impressions of geological landscapes, using sculpted papers, metals, minerals and colour. Much of the paper is hand-made, from renewable and recycled sources.

Sue Bridge

SueBridge2015Sue Bridge studied graphics at Canterbury and Birmingham Universities and has spent her career working in TV Graphics departments. Now she is developing as a fine artist too, creating paintings, mono prints, and animations inspired by colour and memory.

Irene Swain

IreneSwain2015I have been exploring a range of contrasting textures, using contemporary food packaging, inherited textiles and natural organic items to make impressions in the clay.  It is the juxtaposition of pattern and impressed ceramic surfaces which I find intriguing.  The work is all handbuilt, combining  a variety of clay bodies and experimenting with a  range of different glazing effects.

Nick Hebditch

NickHebditch2015For many years I have been fascinated by architecture and buildings and this has led me to visit wonderful places such as Venice, Paris, Barcelona and the South of France. Recently I have enjoyed painting more rural landscapes closer to home as well as in North Yorkshire and elsewhere in the UK, painting both on the spot and in the studio. I work in a range of media including oils, acrylics, mixed media and watercolour.

Anne Molineux

AnneMolineux2-2015My present work is in oil on canvas and is a response to a time of contentment spent gardening and the transience of nature.

Mark Welland

MarkWelland2015Symmetrees is a visual investigation of the Badsell Oak Tree. Digitally deconstructing and recomposing images taken at different times of the day and night and in unusual atmospheric weather conditions.

Joanna Plachcinska

JoannaPlachcinska2015I am a picture restorer by profession running my own Conservation Studio. In the recent years I finally came back to my early original passion for painting. My art is strongly rooted in the classical school of painting. I work mainly in oils, mixed technique,as well as drawings, pastels and etchings. I am inspired by nature and surrounding world. I am mainly interested in depicting a specific mood and atmosphere of a captured moment, often with a whimsical touch.

Contact: tel: 07947728693


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